I believe that new media play a very important role in terms of processing information. In fact, it only provides us with some versions or representations of the world. For this reason, my goal, through my practice, is to articulate possible alternative cuts that could be given to the world we perceive, distancing ourselves from what we have been exposed to, have taken for granted, and what conditions us to be part of the spirit of our time.

While I experienced working at design studios, creative networks, art and design magazines, art foundations, and institutions, I also developed a number of independent projects triggered by an ongoing investigation. These include a multimedia and multi-platform publication that is focused on art practices that question technology and curated research about artists who manage to escape from the expected workings of tools and media.

Currently working on a freelance basis.


“Apophenia”, Roots&Routes online magazine
— Número 26 “NetworkistheMessage”

Washing Machine Magazine (Editor in chief)

Exhibitions and other projects


Leader of 'Texture Beyond Type' workshop at ISEA 2022 festival with Angelo Stitz


Finalist of Visual Arts Open Call Premi Miquel Casablancas in collaboration with designer João Lima

Co-curator of the performance "Paracronismos I" by Valentina Alvarado Matos and Carlos Vásquez Méndez within Dissonants, cicle de performance i tecnología
L'Estruch. Fàbrica de creació de les arts en viu, Sabadell

Visual identity of Dissonants, cicle de performance i tecnología
L'Estruch. Fàbrica de creació de les arts en viu, Sabadell


Why So Shiny, exhibited on the occasion of Cassata Drone Expanded Archive in collaboration with Angelica Litta Modignani - Macro Asilo, Rome

Instalación Black Friday, RCA Final Show - The Westworks, London

Instalación Noise, WIP Show - Royal College of Art, London

Visuals Design for Mallet Concerto - Royal College of Music, London


Typographic Singularity Collective Exhibition
Project Drone - Royal College of Art, London

Common Market Collective Exhibition, in collaboration with Laura Copsey and Emma Harry - Royal College of Art, London

Discoveries Channeled Collective Exhibition
Senior Common Room, Royal College of Art, London

F(r)iction Forum - Series of workshops and talks in collaboration with Laura Copsey, Samantha Kitchener and Angelo Stitz Royal College of Art, London