Juliá Travel Premium
Premium travel catalog of regular and ‘bespoke’ itineraries

Client: Juliá Travel
Art Direction: Exit Design
Year: 2019

Barcelona Wine Week
Various applications for Barcelona Wine Week

Client: Alimentaria
Art Direction: Exit Design
Year: 2019-2020

Visual identity design for the first edition of Dissonants, a series of performance and technology in Barcelona, featuring artist from the Catalan art scene

Project curators: Morgana Ucher and Marco Tondello
Client: L'Estruch (Fàbrica de creació de les arts en viu) y ESDi (Escola Superior de Disseny, Universitat Ramon Llull)
Year: 2021


Identity design for ‘Oscillator’ online podcast featuring 
Primavera Sound artists, Barcelona

Client: Dublab.es
Year: 2019

Digital Aesthetics Beermat
Beer mat designed as part of an Online Exhibition. The beer mat contains links to online projects, designed specifically for smartphones. Beermats where placed on tables at pubs and bars during a week. Project let by Prof. Jamie Jenkinson at Royal College of Art, London

Year: 2018

Digital e-vite design for Wetness exhibition at The Silver Building in London, in collaboration with Central Saint Martins university. Designed in collaboration with Gabriella Rosa Bertin.

Client: AYoTSR
Year: 2018

While working at LE BOOK (New York) as a Production Co-Ordinator I produced graphic material for CONNECTIONS fair

Art Direction: LE BOOK
Year: 2015-2016

Pink Pistols
Poster and flyer design for Pink Pistols exhibition
Doomed Gallery Dalston, London

Client: Pink Pistols
Year: 2014

Tokyo 8 A.M.
Multimedia content design for Modern Matter Magazine´s website and social media

Studio: Modern Matter Magazine
Art Direction: Olu Odukoya
Year: 2014

Behind the clothed body is a sculpture
A 50 pages journal designed for photographer Simone Steenberg

Client: Simone Steenberg
Year: 2014

Poster design for ISSUE Project room event

Art Direction: ISSUE Project Room
Year: 2015