washing machine magazine

Washing Machine Magazine is an independent publication that showcases projects by creators working in image, sound and communication.


It is presented through two connected platforms: a printed publication and a website that integrates the print content through video and audio supplements.


Art and communication projects are explored as part of a cycle in which reality is represented in always new, fresh and developed versions, according to different minds, through the use of current available media.


Washing Machine Magazine is currently on sale at bookstores and concept stores in London and Berlin, and online.

Washing Machine Magazine Issue 2 / Delicates Wash aims to explore ways artists and designers have expressed their view, through art and research projects or art installations, on how web and digital technologies have influenced how we relate to each other, how we generate and share data and how we relate to physical space.


In an era in which we are used to operate in virtual realities and communicate through intangible media, where  “sharing something” doesn’t have to happen in just one place or at one time, Washing Machine Magazine Issue 2 / Delicates Wash will examine cases where humans can lose control over digital content, and where digital media and devices seem to be causing flimsiness in the contact between humans and the space around.


Moreover, the magazine will consider cases in which digital technology can serve as a tool to create new art and techniques, and make ideas circulate way further.

Issue 1 showcases emerging artists’ and designers’ projects that represent basic natural elements through digital media. In some projects visuals describe sounds, in some others sounds describe physical objects.


The first issue’s title ‘White Wash’ indicates not only purity, energy and freshness but also a starting point – a blank
 space to interact with.

video by Elias Freiberger